Mobile Point-of-Care

The PriMedx mobile solution provides intuitive templates for capturing right clinical information at the point-of-care on various devices. The system builds the foundation for the appropriate E&M CPT Code. Capturing patient encounter, clinicians ensure the legibility of documentation, eliminate or decrease transcription costs, and ensure billing compliance. These solutions provide mobile templates for capturing History and Physicals, Progress Notes, Procedures, Consults, Admission and Discharge Notes.

The System provides a complete summary of a patient's clinical record near the bed side, facilitating 24X7 rounding for clinicians and eliminating the need for "pre-rounding". The complete clinical record consists of clinical notes, lab, tests reports, problem list, medications list, immunizations history, allergies, directives, vitals, and past family and social history. The pro-active clinical alerts are shown in red and struck out lines eliminate the need of clinicians diving deep into the stack of papers to locate a problem, which saves valuable time for the physician.