Demo the System

To schedule a Demo of any of the PriMedx Solutions:

E-Mail or Call 800-774-6026

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Questions to Think About
  • What are your overall goals on adopting an EHR, efficiency, stimulus, avoidance of a penalty?
  • What is your current system for practice management and medical records?
  • Is your billing currently in-house or outsourced?
  • Do you have a centralized server and network for the practice management system?
  • What systems are you looking at now?  What do you like and dislike about them?
  • Do you envision the data hosted at your practice or by your EMR/PM Vendor?
  • Do you want to exchange information between your practice and other providers, specialists, and the local hospital?
  • Do you have at least $24,000 of allowable Medicare charges or is 30% (20% pediatrics) of your practice Medicaid to qualify for stimulus?