About PriMedx
Some of the largest professional liability companies in the US converged to create an informational program to help their insured’s better understand the maze of information on the requirements for EMRs, as well as to be advocates specifically as it relates to Medical Risk Management and Patient Safety.

These Companies have long standing and trusted relationships with their 20,000+ partner physicians and since they launched this information program the physicians have communicated back to them that they are overwhelmed and ill-equipped to handle the adoption of an EHR.

These Companies determined that they needed to offer more.

PriMedx Solutions, LLC was formed to make resources available to their insured’s that they do not have on their own. PriMedx has been able to leverage its clients to offer robust and certified systems at a lower cost.

PriMedx is headquartered in New York and has offices in New Jersey and Florida.

Mission of PriMedx Solutions

To distribute unbiased information on Health Information technology and to offer an interoperable EHR system combined with a suite of related and integrated products that meet the requirements of “Meaningful Use” and help physicians to integrate the entire back-office with the clinical process. PriMedx Solutions seeks to ease the adoption of the EHR process for healthcare providers.